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Selected Costumes Patterned and Constructed for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2013-2014

All costumes patterned and cut by B. Marx.

Upper left, lower center:

Sack back gown and petticoat with reverse pleated trim for Elmire in Tartuffe.

Upper right, center, lower left:

Period coat, and stock for Valere. Gown and stomacher for Mariane. Bodice, apron and skirt for Dorine, all from Tartuffe. Dorine Bodice construted by Stephanie Sandburg.

Lower right:

Banyan robe for Tartuffe from Tartuffe.

Other costumes patterned (not pictured):

Gown for Madame Pernelle, breeches for various characters, waistcoat for Orgon, bodice for Flipote.

Photos by Maya Salganek

Selected Costumes Patterned for the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, 2012-2013

All specified costumes patterned or draped by B. Marx. Most also cut by B. Marx

Upper left, center:

Surcoat and gown for Anne and leather armor for Richmond in Richard III., 2013.

Upper right, lower left:

Waistcoats for Salerio, Lorenzo and Gratiano and white dresses for Nerissa and Portia in The Merchant of Venice, 2012.

Lower right:

Black and white coat for Oberon and red satin dress for Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, 2013.


Photos of 2012 season by Geoff Wade

Photos of 2013 season by Steven Koernig


Costumes Constructed for Virginia Shakespeare Festival, 2011

Upper left, center:

Doublet for Claudius in Hamlet. Front and sleeve cap detail. Patterned, cut and built by B. Marx.

Upper right, lower left:

Dress for Ophelia in Hamlet. Front bodice detail and production photo. Patterned and cut by B. Marx. Bodice built by B. Marx. Sleeves built by C. Connor. Skirt built by various staff.

Lower right, lower left:

Doublet for Laertes in Hamlet. Front detail and production photo. Patterned, cut and built by B. Marx.


Other costumes patterned (not pictured):

Leather doublet for Hamlet, doublets for Rosencrantz and Horatio, dress for Gertrude, various breeches, Roman tunics and dresses for A Comedy of Errors.

Photos by B. Marx

Shakespeare costumes

Selected Costumes Constructed for the University of Alaska, 2009-2011

Upper left:

Dress for Valentina in The Bay at Nice. Patterned, cut and built by B. Marx.

Upper right, center:

Costumes for Vinegar Tom. From left to right: dress for Betty, bodice for Margery, coat for Jack, bodice for Goody. Patterned and cut by B. Marx. Built by B. Marx and J. Mosier.

Lower left:

Capes and pregnancy dress for Hermione and Mamillius in The Winter's Tale. Draped, cut and built by B. Marx with A. Wattum.

Lower right:

Jacket for Mother in How I Learned to Drive. Patterned, cut and built by B. Marx.


Photos by S. Golux, B. Marx and K. Mendelowitz

Various costumes

Costumes Constructed for the Indiana Repertory Theatre, 2007-2009

Upper left, lower left:

Dress and bustle cage for Irene in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Bodice back detail. Patterned by G. Clark. Cut and built by B. Marx.

Upper right:

Suit for Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. Vest/Jacket front detail. Patterned by L. Vandermuelen. Cut by B. Marx. Built by L. Vandermuelen and B. Marx.


Dress for The Ladies' Man. Bodice front detail. Patterned by G. Clark. Cut and built by B. Marx.

Lower right:

Suit for Crowns. Suit back detail. Patterned by G. Clark. Cut and built by B. Marx.


Photos by B. Marx

IRT costumes

Technical Resume

Virginia Shakespeare Festival, Williamsburg, VA. Cutter/Draper Summer 2011, 2013. Assistant Costume Designer Summer 2011.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK. 2009 to present. Cutter/Draper, Costume Designer.

Indiana Repertory Theatre, Indianapolis, IN. 2007-2009. First Hand.

Texas Shakespeare Festival, Kilgore, TX. Summer 2008. First Hand, Dyer.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. 2004-2007. Shop Assistant, T.A., Dyer/Craftsperson, Wardrobe and Makeup Supervisor.

Pioneer Valley Summer Theater, Easthampton, MA. Summer 2005. Wardrobe Supervisor.

Utah Shakespearean Festival, Summer 2003, 2004. Stitcher, Wardrobe Supervisor.

Design Resume available here.